Long ventilation tubing running neatly across the side of a long building during a project.

Major motion picture studios can generally manage equipment needs themselves. However, if they’re short on equipment or need specialized items, it helps to have a reliable vendor that can quickly provide the necessary tools for the job.

Whether it's sourcing and installing 300-ton chiller systems for stages, implementing air scrubbers to reduce CO2 emissions in parking structures, or providing silent generators and package units, we have the equipment and expertise to handle it all. Our dedicated team is trained in set etiquette and will discreetly carry out the required tasks on your studio lot. No delays, no distractions—just comfortable HVAC, dependable power, and end-to-end support.

Studio Air and Power is my go-to place for quick quotes, last-minute requests, and fair, competitive prices. Their equipment is always in good working order, and they go above and beyond to make sure our needs are taken care of.
- S.F.

Equipment utilized

  • 300-ton chiller systems
  • air scrubbers
  • silent generators
  • package units
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