Long ventilation tubing running neatly across the side of a long building during a project.

A cooking show production was gearing up to transform a 100,000-square-foot space into the backdrop for an exhilarating cooking show, but there was one problem: no air conditioning. When it was packed with the cast, crew, lights, and scorching-hot cooking equipment, the space would be an oven of its own.

To beat the colossal heat load, we procured and installed a 300-ton chiller system to cool down the massive production area. We also deployed air scrubbers to maintain air quality, as well as 3-ton mini split systems to cool smaller spaces like the cast holding area and video village. With our help, the HVAC side of the production went off without a hitch.

I highly recommend Studio Air and Power for any studio or exterior needs. They are smart, are responsive, and have amazing crews. No project is too big, too small, or too complicated. Simply the best.
- Bill E.

Equipment utilized

  • 300-Ton chiller system
  • Air scrubbers
  • 3-Ton mini split system
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