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1908 Lillian Peacock on a silent film set


Lillian Peacock (nee Webb) - Silent Film Actress

Lillian Peacock, born in 1889 as Lillian M. Webb, was a silent film actress from Scottdale, Pennsylvania. At the age of 19, Peacock began acting with studios Universal Pictures, Pathe Pictures, and Bosworth Pictures. In 1916, she was severely injured while filming a comedy scene, which ultimately ended her career in 1918 at the age of 27.

1924 Reliable pictures corp building


Harry S. Webb - Film Producer, Director, and Screenwriter

Harry S. Webb, Lillian’s brother, was an American film producer, director, and screenwriter. He produced and directed numerous films between 1924 and 1940. Webb co-founded Reliable Pictures Corporation in 1933 and Metropolitan Pictures Corporation in 1938 alongside Bernard B. Ray.



Gordon A. Webb - Film Producer & Production Manager

Gordon A. Webb, Harry’s son, began his film career as a messenger at MGM Studios. He joined the Director’s Guild of America at the age of 19 in 1955. Webb worked as an Assistant Director on the TV series Perry Mason for nine years. He later produced and managed over 20 feature films, including Space Jam and Kindergarten Cop. Webb retired in 1999 to consult on films and manage his ranches.



Gordon F. Webb - Studio Air & Power Founder

Gordon F. Webb, Gordon’s son and Harry’s grandson, initially worked as a cable person/boom operator on various films. Inspired by his father, Gordon started his own business to provide air conditioning services to the motion picture industry. The company grew from a small three-employee business to an industry staple now known as Studio Air and Power.

Studio Air and Power Leadership team standing together with their equipment


Harrison Webb Studio Air & Power CEO

Harrison Webb, Harry’s great-grandson, is now the CEO of Studio Air and Power, currently operating with over 20 trucks, 1000 pieces of equipment across North America with a team of 40 employees.

Studio Air & Power milestones

Studio Air Conditioning old logo
Gordon F. Webb founds Studio Air Conditioning, Inc.
Studio Air Conditioning Logo
Studio Air Conditioning acquires “A.S Portable Air”
Studio Air Conditioning Logo
“On Set Air” is acquired, Studio Power is formed as a division of Studio Air
Studio Air Conditioning, and Studio Power merge and rebrand as Studio Air + Power
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