Long ventilation tubing running neatly across the side of a long building during a project.

A medical office building found itself in the grip of an air conditioning system failure during a scorching San Fernando Valley summer. They asked Studio Air and Power to provide temporary cool air to the premises until a new system arrived—which would be months due to COVID-19 supply chain backups.

Less than two hours after getting the call, our skilled technicians were on site with a 30-ton portable package unit and a 150 kVA 208V–230V step up transformer. We connected the cooling unit directly into the building's ductwork to channel cool air, supported by consistent power through the transformer. Thanks to our determined team, we preserved the comfort of both staff and patients until the original unit could be replaced.

When our 20-ton air conditioning system broke down, Studio Air was there to save the day. They got us a portable 30-ton package unit within two hours and had the building cooled by that evening. We couldn’t thank them enough for all that they did to help us.
- Jared Goldstein

Equipment utilized

  • 30-ton portable package unit
  • 150 kVA 208V–230V step up transformer
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