Long ventilation tubing running neatly across the side of a long building during a project.

Motion picture and television sets require a safe working environment, but that is not always easy to provide.

A secure climate can be challenging to manage but is absolutely necessary, as any issues could halt the entire production. Not to worry—we have decades of expertise managing temperatures in unique shooting locations like:  

  • A freezing-cold 60,000-gallon pool using a 1.2-million BTU boiler and a 500-amp generator
  • A picture car requiring near-silent cooling through a 5-ton package unit and a 350-amp generator
  • A 200-person, 15,000-square-foot prom set tent in an isolated parking lot using four 25-ton package units and generators
  • A 737 plane at Burbank Airport using compact 10-ton units to regulate and filter air from the cargo hold to the cockpit

We are immensely grateful to Studio Air and Power for their swift and professional response. Their comprehensive approach and attention to detail surpassed our expectations. Thank you for the exceptional service and peace of mind!
- George F.

Equipment utilized

  • 1.2-million BTU boiler
  • 500-amp generator
  • 5-ton package unit
  • 350-amp generator
  • 25-ton package units and generators
  • compact 10-ton units
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